The Deco Pub

The Deco Pub

Southseas favourite rock/alternative pub! Student and navy discount along with many other awesome offers!! Good tunes, Good People, Good times!!


Mondays – Rock Lobster, with DJ Pete Scathe
A fine place to come down and pre drink before stomping on to the madness that is Guildhall walk. Pitchers are always a good way to start the night!

Tuesdays – Tuesdays with Charlie, with DJ Charlie ‘Not a unicorn’/’Puddles’ Cullen
A quieter night for a nice chilled out chat over a pitcher between mates.

Wednesdays – Halfway Hangout, with DJ Sam Hatty
So you’ve made it halfway through the week? Surely that’s reason enough to treat yourself to a beer!
We host a menagerie of different games mediums for this night. Including free pool, old school video games, board games and even good old Jenga!

Thursdays – Epic Thursdays, with DJ Spikey Mark
Eat food? Drink booze? Like doing them both at the same time?…
Well this night is perfect for you! We order in premium burgers from the glorious Jags@119, a local american style diner. These guys are producing nothing but the finest and we can’t recommend them enough! So come down and dine in glory.

Fridays – Friday!, with DJ Spikey Mark
You made it! You got to Friday! 😀 We’ve got DJ Spikey Mark welcoming you into the weekend!

Saturdays – Sentience
More weekend time to party you say?!! DJ Matt Random will be your music based host for this one 🙂

Sundays -Quiz Night
One of our most successful, and most random nights, the Pub Quiz is on every Sunday. Starting at 8 with £1 entry, you can win cash prizes by testing your knowledge on a variety of categories – all written in house by our very own team of monkeys with typewriters (even if it is sometimes very last minute…)

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Monday – Sunday: 12:00 – 00:00

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